Even 12 years on, the memory of that day knocks the wind out of my sails and brings fresh tears to my eyes. I am sure that everyone can still recall the emotions that they felt at the time like it was yesterday. Today we will be thinking about the men, women and children who lost their lives, and the heroes that responded to the emergency September 11, 2001.
The dinosaurs at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo refuse to go extinct as the Dinosaur Safari has been extended by popular demand and will remain open throughout the zoo’s annual Boo at the Zoo festivities. Boo at the Zoo: Dragons and Dinosaurs will also feature the Bronx Zoo’s newest animal exhibit – komodo dragons – which will open at Zoo Center just in time for the Halloween season. 
Brooklyn Children's Museum re-opens on September 14 after undertaking it's annual exhibit maintenance. They have been busy prepping the Garden for the colder seasons, dusting the top of the elephant skeleton, and tackling all the other messy, noisy prolonged projects that are hard to do with the little ones around.
Brooklyn Balloon Company NYC Kids Parties Latex twister Robert Moy’s wearable oeuvre includes necklaces, rings, backpacks, butterfly wings, and Darth Vader masks. His designs are so chic he’s made clients out of Marc Jacobs and Isaac Mizrahi.

Private Picassos, the mobile art studio based in New York City, will offer free Graffiti Paintings for kids at the Brooklyn Flea Saturday September 28th. Kids will get inspiration from the expressive graffiti and street art throughout the city and create their own colorful masterpieces using stencils, spray bottles and much more.  Information about Private Picassos’ In-Home and On-Site programming will be available, as well as a free raffle for an In-Home Group Art Lesson.