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SATURDAY NOVEMBER 9 Screening: Insect-themed Animated Shorts for Kids @ Central Park | read more Who’s Here? Fall & Winter Animals @ Fort Tryon Park | read more Urban Starfest @ Sheep Meadow, Central Park | read more Hands-on History: Gather Around the Hearth @ King Manor Museum | read more Storybook Discovery: Falling for Fall! Voelker Orth Museum | read more
We were delighted to hear about the recent opening of the Donald and Barbara Zucker Natural Exploration Area in Prospect Park. Designed in Olmsted and Vaux's rustic tradition, the project returns the lawn to its historic purpose as "The Children's Playground."
Lil Yogi's NYC offers a variety of certification options including yoga for kids, yoga for special needs, yoga in the classroom, yoga test-taking techniques and yoga hip-hop. Lil Yogi's NYC, a popular kids yoga company based out of the Upper West Side of Manhattan, is now taking requests for kids yoga certification from home. Yoga for kids is becoming extremely popular worldwide as the immense benefits include increased strength, flexibility and balance. Studies indicate that children's yoga also aids in improving confidence and decreasing anxiety.
Come in costume to trick-or-treat with characters from the High Line’s industrial past. Sneak through a haunted train tunnel (if you dare!), get lost in a hay-bale maze, dance to a ditty, decorate a pumpkin from our pumpkin patch, and construct your own train car from recycled materials.
Shadow Box Theatre NYC Halloween Once upon a time, way back in the idealistic 1960's, a children's musical puppet theatre was born. It was the brainchild of an extraordinary woman, Sandra Robbins, who dreamed of using light, color and sound to profoundly touch the creative spirit within each child. Her dream was realized in the creation of The Shadow Box Theatre (SBT).