[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPVcLhxWKWs[/embed] Have you ever found yourself out with your little boy and all of the sudden he desperately needs to pee? You thought you were fully prepared, you had him go before you left (maybe even twice) yet as soon as you arrive at an area either without a restroom or with one that is filthy or out of order, he has to go so badly.
NYC_Parksswim Learn to Swim Knowing how to swim  prevents drowning and improves your health, fitness, and safety. To help teach New Yorkers to swim, Parks is offering free swimming lessons for people of all ages at our indoor pools.
lp_FIRwithcamper2 Steve & Kate: After 34 years of running camps in the Bay Area, we’re excited to introduce our self-directed camps to New York – the center of the world, a beacon of creativity for all ages.
Little Clubs Head is a dance party for kids in NYC. Everyone feels electric at Little Club Heads. LED lights – bright and multicolored –  are flashing, the DJ spins your favorite dance tunes and the beats make your body move. Mr. Blue, the host of this exhilarating extravaganza, keeps the energy high-voltage, encouraging the crowd to MAKE SOME NOISE!  The fun never stops and everyone is having the best time ever.  
Four original productions to be showcased in NYC April 24 to May 17, 2015 The New York Children's Theater Festival has announced the shows selected for its fourth season. The four productions are The Sock Who Lost His Mate; Sue Ology & the (Possibly) Haunted House; Help Save the Monkey!; and The Meanest Birthday Girl. In making the announcement, The New York Children's Theater Festival co-founder Michael Shawn Lewis said, “Heading into our fourth season is exciting for us! We will be presenting four productions after receiving an incredible selection of new work during our submission period. There's also big buzz around here for us, as the 2015 Festival will have a new venue to call home, The Player’s Theatre in Greenwich Village.  We are very happy to be working in this gem of a theater, which already has established itself as a wonderful venue for family entertainment.