South Street Seaport Museum Announces Virtual Education Resources for NYC Teachers and Families

South Street Seaport Museum announces free digital resources, virtual tours, programs and materials that offer new ways for educators, students, and families to engage with the Museum and its collections, including Explore New Amsterdam: Seaport Town Educational Video Series and Sailors’ Pi: Circles at Sea Educational Video Series. These series of virtual learning experiences include lesson plans, vocabulary guides, and complementary activities aligned with New York City and State Social Studies and Science Learning Standards.

“We are so very pleased to be able to offer our sought-after educational programming remotely,” said Capt. Jonathan Boulware, President and CEO of the South Street Seaport Museum. “When the pandemic began, the schools that regularly visit the Seaport Museum immediately contacted us, wondering how they could still have their students interact with our educational offerings. We’ve been thrilled to offer resources to these schools and now, to make these series of videos, virtual tours, and supplementary materials available online for teachers and families to use at their convenience.”

Explore New Amsterdam: Seaport Town Educational Video Series

Explore New Amsterdam: Seaport Town is a 5-part series of 15-minute video lessons hosted by Museum Educators Lynn Saltonstall and Jonathan Yubi-Gomez exploring how New Amsterdam grew out of the seaport and how the mixing of cultures built the seaport community. Each episode includes a mix of virtual walking tour and artifact study, allowing students to peel back the layers of history. The programs are suitable for grades 2-8, and each is accompanied by online resources and activities.

Episode 1: The Origins of New Amsterdam
Why did the Dutch establish a trading colony here, and how did the native Leni-Lenape interact with the colonists? Students examine a beaver pelt and study a letter from 1626 to find out.

The Origins of New Amsterdam is available for free on demand now, with additional episodes and supplementary materials to be released in the coming months.

Sailors’ Pi: Circles at Sea Educational Video Series

Sailors’ Pi is a 4-part series of 3-minute videos hosted by Senior Director of Programs and Education Laura Norwitz, using tall ship Wavertree to explore concepts of geometry and physics for students of all ages. Students in grades K–8 will learn some of the ways that circles and the mathematical constant pi are part of sailors’ lives. Accompanying lessons and activities provide additional enrichment, such as working with pi, for older students.

Sailors’ Pi is available for free on demand now, just in time for Pi Day celebrated on March 14 (3/14).

Updated Website to Support Learners and Educators

The Seaport Museum’s “Learn” section of the website has been updated with new resources for virtual learning and experiences organized by subject area and audience. Virtual Tours includes behind-the-scenes access to the historic buildings of Schermerhorn Row, neighborhood walking tours in the South Street Seaport Historic District, and visits to the historic fleet of vessels. Online Resources includes new access to items in the Seaport Museum Collection as well as articles and activities connected to NYC school curricula. Activities and Lessons includes videos, virtual lessons, and activities for the classroom or home, along with supporting materials such as teachers’ guides and lesson plans.

Collections Online Portal
Discover history and works of art from the comfort of your home with the new online database. Featuring a selection of over 1,300 items from the early 19th century to the mid-20th century, the online collection is comprised of a searchable database of selected works of art and historic artifacts from the Seaport Museum’s permanent and working collections of over 28,500 objects, encapsulating the rich maritime heritage of New York City. The items featured in the initial release of the online portal will be expanded on an on-going basis, allowing audiences to explore New York City’s past through the archives, artifacts, and photographs of the South Street Seaport Museum.

About the South Street Seaport Museum
The South Street Seaport Museum, located in the heart of the historic seaport district in New York City, preserves and interprets the history of New York as a great port city. Founded in 1967, the Museum houses an extensive collection of works of art and artifacts, a maritime reference library, exhibition galleries and education spaces, working nineteenth century print shops, and an active fleet of historic vessels that all work to tell the story of “Where New York Begins.”

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