Milestones UWS Preschool

Milestones UWS Preschool is a home-based preschool located on the Upper West Side. We provide a loving, caring, and safe environment with an emphasis on child-centered, hands-on, play-based learning with an age-appropriate curriculum. We believe that preschool should be a warm, fun, and loving place where your child feels safe, where your family feels welcome, and is a place that your child wants to be. We take pride in being in-tune with your child’s needs, emotions, abilities, and interests.
Children are natural learners and can achieve and succeed at any age. We strive to make learning fun, and everything can be a teachable moment. We are not curriculum-driven, but do have a theme-based preschool curriculum that is grounded in educational philosophies and is flexible based upon student interests. Respect and kindness are a top priority; we stress cooperation, helpfulness, and consideration. We also work to make sure all students leaving Milestones are ready for Kindergarten cognitively, socially, and emotionally.
We accept children ages 2 through 5 and run from September to June. We are a mixed-age classroom and have a maximum of 12 students per day.
Website | Email | 929-461-7928

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