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Successful Parenting with FamilyKind (SPF)



Successful Parenting with FamilyKind (SPF)

What does scientific research tell us about child/youth development?
A nourishing family environment is the root of a child’s healthy development and leads to school success. Safe, stable, nourishing relationships (SSNRs) with at least one adult enable the child to build resilience and buffer from adversarial experiences.

How can parents create this nourishing environment and build SSNRs for their children?
Successful Parenting with FamilyKind (SPF) helps you to achieve this goal!

What is SPF?
Successful Parenting with FamilyKind (SPF) is high-quality parent education for ALL families with children aged 0-18. SPF takes a holistic culturally responsive approach and provides up-to-date research-based knowledge, tools, skills, and ongoing support through group settings based on children’s ages.

Who teaches SPF?
All SPF classes are facilitated by state-licensed/certified parent educators, who possess a master's degree, and are professionally trained and highly competent in tailoring the curricula and topics to meet the individual and collective needs of the families in the group.

When and where can I enroll in the SPF class?
Both Virtual live via Zoom and in-person 8-week sessions are offered throughout the year.

Languages spoken?
English and Mandarin classes are open now. Spanish and Farsi classes coming soon.

Are you seeking success in parenting? Join a SPF class today!
Note: The word “parents” in this document includes all individuals who function in a parenting role – mothers, fathers, partners, grandparents, foster parents, nannies etc.

Financial Class and Pre-Nuptial
or Post-Nuptial Mediation

Along with the joy of becoming a couple, comes the daunting realization that you are responsible for another person. This often inspires people to not only make efforts to understand their own relationship with money, but also to learn more about their partner’s circumstances.  Adding a child to the mix, makes this knowledge even more important. FamilyKind offers a financial class designed especially for couples, and Mediation services to help you communicate in a healthy way!

Committed to Last” Financial Class
When you are in a committed relationship, it is not always easy to discuss money with your partner. FamilyKind’s Committed to Last, two-hour virtual class for couples, is the program for you! This course, taken together as a couple, will prepare you for thoughtful discussions as you grow together.

Pre-Nuptial and Post- Nuptial Mediation
We offer pre or post-nuptial mediation, in a collaborative virtual or in-person setting, where  you and your partner sit down with an experienced mediator to discuss the issues that are most important to you. The mediator facilitates constructive discussion, around a variety of issues including finances and parenting, toward a mutually agreeable contract.

Both the financial class and the mediation service will set you and your partner on a path of open and healthy communication around vital issues!

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