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Established in 1991, Doula Care is New York City’s premier postpartum doula agency. We guarantee reliability, accountability, and the utmost care for our clients. Doulas are hand-chosen for their expertise in the transition to parenthood, lactation knowledge and newborn care, easy-going personalities, and dependability.

Your postpartum doula is there to help you develop and settle into your new routine. Your doula is there to nurture and teach, easing the transition to parenthood as you learn about lactating and feeding the baby, assuring you have a good start, and helping care for your newborn as we care for you with practical support.

What exactly does a postpartum doula do?
Your trained and certified doula teaches and assists with postpartum adjustment, newborn characteristics and care, development, breastfeeding, parent-infant bonding, and an empathic, compassionate, non-judgmental approach.

Providing great practical care tips helping parents trust their instincts to meet their baby’s needs in regards to Feeding, Bathing, Diapering, Umbilical Cord Care, Soothing, and Swaddling Techniques Assistance in understanding and reading your baby’s cues for feeding and sleeping Baby Wearing.

Daytime Postpartum Doula Services in NYC, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

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