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Embrace the Extraordinary at Edge in NYC – An Adventure for Families

The allure of New York City (NYC) transcends traditional confines, providing unique adventures, and enchanting surprises for every curious explorer, but for families, in particular, the city unfurls a different narrative filled with both learning and amusement. Of these enchanting attractions, Edge, NYC's highest outdoor sky deck, truly stands out.

Soaring high at over 1,100 feet above the ground in the burgeoning neighborhood of Hudson Yards, the Edge provides a captivating, sky-high adventure that can exhilarate both parents and kids alike. As you ascend to the pinnacle, you’re welcomed with a 360-degree panoramic view of NYC's breathtaking cityscape, revealing a plethora of landmarks, including the iconic Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Empire State Building, and much more.

Upon stepping into the futuristic, glass-enclosed elevator, an immersive ride begins. In a rapid 60 seconds, the elevator escorts you to the 100th floor where awe-inspiring sights unfold. Families with kids will find the elevator ride itself thrilling and magical as a time-lapse video plays overhead showcasing the evolution of New York City from millions of years ago to present day.

Once you’ve made it to the top, a ‘champagne moment’ awaits, where kids can get their adrenaline pumping with the angled glass walls designed to lean over the cityscape. Adults, too, can relish the magic of 'leaning into the skyline', getting the feeling of being suspended in the sky - an incredibly freeing and refreshing experience.

Next, as the crown jewel, Edge’s glass floor lets your kids ‘walk on air’ over a mind-blowing 1,100 feet of nothingness beneath. Undeniably, it is this sense of flying without leaving the ground that thrills and invigorates, making Edge an enchanting wonderland for every kid. Looking down from this awe-inspiring vantage point, NYC appears as a sprawling canvas of architectural masterpieces.

Further enhancing the kid-friendly environment, Edge also provides an innovative app filled with fun interactive challenges and facts, which helps kids delve deeper into the learning process, making the experience as enlightening as it is enjoyable.

Just when you think the experience couldn't get any better, Edge surprises with 'Eastern Point,' a cantilevered section jutting out from the main platform, allowing only a limited number of visitors at a time for an undisturbed view. At this edge of Edge, one gets the sense of being on top of the world - a moment both thrilling and unforgettable, providing a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity.

And of course, once the awe of Edge has settled in, families can wind down in the hospitality areas, choosing from an array of appetizing food and drink offerings.

Overall, a visit to Edge is not just an outing; it's an exploration into the celestial. The adventure that unfolds is engaging, thrilling, and enlightening, ideal for every age group but specially curated to dazzle young minds. What's more, the commitment to safety and cleanliness reassures every parent about their kids’ well-being, making Edge an utterly must-visit family destination in New York City.

From being a viewpoint to see NYC from a spectacular perspective to providing an exhilarating ‘on top of the world’ experience, the Edge personifies excitement. This is not just a place; it’s an adventure, offering memories that last a lifetime. At Edge, New York City truly meets the sky, inviting you and your family to step in, lean over, and look beyond.


Edge New York
30 Hudson Yards
New York, NY 10001


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