Crawl through a human size ant hill and move larvae from chamber to chamber, try on an exoskeleton, watch butterflies being born and bees working on their hive, jam with the Insect Orchestra. Our collection of arthropods will amaze and inform you.

Where: Staten Island Children's...

NYC Eco-House. Community Environmental Center EcoHouse is a unique experience. It’s a mobile, cutting-edge and interactive exhibit that lets you see behind the walls and underneath the floor of a home. You will learn how your house or apartment really works.

Where: Queens Botanical Garden
Cost: Free...

For one magical evening, the children will be transformed into lords and ladies and travel back to Medieval Times. They will join the royal family on an unforgettable quest through the enchanted forest in our state-of-the-art gymnasium! There, they will develop their gymnastics skills while climbing castle walls, balancing across a mote and rolling across a drawbridge. They will save a princess from the fiery dragon and knock down the castle gate with their own battering ram. In art, they will learn about medieval creatures such as unicorns, griffins and dragons.

Mad. Sq. Kids Concerts is a series of outdoor concerts especially for children and their families with energetic beats and engaging lyrics. Come ready to get down and boogie!

June 25 – Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band

Where: Madison Square Park
Time: 10.30am
Cost: FREE