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Passionate Learners, Compassionate Achievers

At Allen-Stevenson, our students are open to deeper learning and greater academic success because we nourish a boy’s heart and mind.

With over 135 years of experience educating boys on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, we are experts in using the best insights and tools available to understand each boy as a whole, individual person. Informed by extensive research, our curriculum is geared to channel our boys’ unique energies and interests and cultivate them as they develop over time.

Our visionary faculty both challenge our students and one another to excel in the pursuit of knowledge. Teachers inspire students to maximize their learning through taking thoughtful risks academically, athletically, and artistically. We provide the daily structure and integrated resources to fuel each boy’s curiosity and connect learning through collaborative, in-depth curriculum across departments and disciplines.

As a tight knit community, we know that boys benefit both academically and personally from living an examined life where parents and educators work together to raise good human beings. We give boys the confidence to take ownership of their own learning and encourage them to stretch their talents and to appreciate the energy, interests and perspectives that others bring to the table. We prepare boys to open themselves up to want to learn from the people and world around them.

As a result, Allen-Stevenson graduates are more than prepared. They are self-aware, compassionate, grounded, and prepared to attend the best high school for the person they are becoming.

The Allen-Stevenson School
132 East 78th Street
New York, NY 10075-0381

Susan Etess, Director of Admissions, Enrollment, and Financial Aid |

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