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Dedicated Educational Advocates
As a parent, you are your child's best education advocate, whether he/she may have Special needs or need additional support—until he/she is old enough, fully informed and knowledgeable to speak up for themselves. You know your child's strengths, challenges and skills better than anyone else and you can help identify and impel for the resources and services your child needs to succeed. Our Advocates can assist you in securing education services, homeschooling  curriculum and advise you on the status of your child’s case and also about the expected outcome based upon an analysis of the facts and the law. However, you the parent remain the ultimate decision maker with regard to your child’s educational planning.

Children with special needs are usually entitled to receive auxiliary services or accommodations through the public schools. Whether they may need additional time on test, questions read aloud to, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Assistive Technology to enhance their writing abilities, we at NYAdvocates4Kids are here for you. Federal law mandates that every child receive a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment possible. Children with special needs are entitled rights to services in school under federal and state laws.

Our job as Education Advocates are for the purpose/s of providing :

  • Quality consultations and comprehensive educational assistance to school age children Pre K-12th grade who attend Private, Parochial or Charter schools as well as Homeschool and State approved Non-Public Schools (regardless of home address).
  • Our Advocates stay updated in the field by getting rigorous training and instruction through workshops, conferences, and continuing education programs.
  • Assist you in finding your child(s) abilities in this complex education system so they can flourish academically by developing strategies to navigate the Department of Education Special Education system. Our Advocates fully understand the stress and enervation one can endure throughout this process because we have walked in your shoes.
  • A member from our team will be right by your side, whether you have an IEP meeting, CPSE/CSE meeting, School meeting/ conference, etc. We are here to give you the encouragement and assistance your child deserves to be successful in school.
  • Provide information for services, service providers, educational consultants, and other professionals who can consult and assist the parents with their children’s educational needs.

Your child will know that they have someone who believes in them and who is there for them by advocating for their educational needs.

NY Advocates for Kids
641 Lexington Ave, 13th Fl
New York, NY 10022

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