Claire’s Creative Adventures Brings Arts Education and Entertainment to (Virtual & In-Person) Camps, Classes, Museums and Parties!

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*New York Hall Of Fame Winner for Educational and Tour Services*

For the past 20 years, Claire’s Creative Adventures brings a unique brand of multi-arts education to your children. During Covid-19, CCA immediately responded with creative solutions to virtual learning while responding to the needs of all students. Currently, we are open for in-person and virtual classes (with unique art kit delivery) and camps, with pod & private class options. Entertainment options include museum tours and parties uniquely tailored to your child’s interests! We follow strict safety guidelines and remain socially distanced while providing art enrichment education & entertainment!

Are you a NYC family hoping to expose your children to the fascinating world of art and artists around you? Do you wish to give your child an advantage in a competitive school system? Do you have friends or family members seeking a truly memorable cultural experience you all can enjoy?

Claire’s Creative Art Adventure Classes and Camps are unique professional artist or theme-based custom-tailored art processes that are educational AND engaging! From ages 2-15, children are introduced to Modern, Multicultural and Contemporary art using a wide variety of media and techniques including: pastels, charcoal, paints, wire, clay, wood, sand, metal, papier-mâché, fabric, photography, stop-motion animation and more. In addition, students learn at myriad NYC Museums and Galleries with hands-on art, using all safety precautions in and outside of the classroom.

At CCA, each child develops confidence, critical thinking and public speaking skills along with technical advancement, whether to build art portfolios or simply enjoy a freedom of expression in the arts.

The Art Adventures Camps and Programs go beyond school curricula, include local visiting artists, museum & gallery art-making trips and provide ample supplies for unique hands-on learning experiences; all while actively engaging children in the fantastic world of art from arrival to departure, be it in a class, camp, online or in a private lesson.

"You do a great job introducing sophisticated material to the kids-- without dumbing it down, nor having it go over their heads. That's a tricky balance and you do it well! "-J.K.

Art Adventures are located online via zoom and in-person at various locations in NYC:

  • Offerings include Camps, Virtual ARTStory Adventures, Art and French Adventures, Art Adventures Studio, Mini Art Adventures, Global Adventures, Photography Adventures, Art Expressive Therapy, Grown Up Adventures and Music Adventures.
  • Local visiting artists and museum trips
  • 1-1.5 Hours of specialized artist time in limited class sizes (live or online.)
  • Includes all art materials, set-up, clean-up or a Specialized Art Kit delivered to your home.
  • Professional artist leadership for the adventure! (3:1 Student: Teacher ratio.)
  • Exposure to visiting Professional artists who invited to share their unique perspectives.
  • Parent/child monthly workshops are offered throughout the year
  • Private Lessons are offered for 1/ 1.5 / 2 hours per session, age dependent.

Virtual and In-Person Camps: Ages 3-9: A full ARTS experience: Students learn about friendship and courage as they adventure with Animals and Peoples from around the world, learning how to Draw, Paint, Build 3D Dioramas, Craft, Imagine and Create! Plus, learn simple French & Spanish along the way. Story-based dance included.

In Person Camps: Daily Outdoor Courtyard Easel Painting, Drawing, Building 3D, Mixed Media + Safe Indoor Fun, Group Murals, Free Choice Art Stations + Dance and Movement!

Social Distancing, Individualized Art Tools, Spaces Limited
Art-making tours @ the Metropolitan Museum of Art or Guggenheim Museum

Virtual Camps:

  • Uniquely Crafted Art Kits filled with exciting supplies for the Adventure & your home art studio.
  • 45 min- 1hr. Zoom Classes, ages 3-9 (limited class sizes/ 1 class per week or day (weekly or monthly camps)
  • 2 hours additional Digitally Accessible lessons (per class) in Art and Movement
  • Drawing Camps (9-15’s)

Museum Adventures are offered at major NYC museums and galleries (or Virtually) and include 1-1.5 Hours of specialized museum time for children ages 3.5-15! Includes: Unique take- home tour art projects, fun stories, museum etiquette. All are welcome with a reservation, and as per location rules. Projects are made right in front of the pieces when In-Person!

Party Adventures are located in Outdoor or Indoor spaces and are tailored to your families’ needs. Includes engaging unique art projects and materials with all staff, set-up and clean-up (if live) or a Menu of activities (if DIY) with additional services available. Want a virtual party? Our party-themed art kits will keep the fun going with a Virtual Live Leader for your event.

Music Adventures are located online, live, outdoors, at All Souls Church (U.E.S.) and Long Island City for all ages, which include:

  • Age-appropriated developmental musical games, French and Spanish language practice, gross and fine motor skill practice ...singing and fun! 45 min. of specialized time in limited weekly class sizes of 3-8 children.
  • Professional teaching musician leadership for the adventure!
  • Private Lessons are also offered for exploring varying instruments with professional teaching musicians, or simply fine-tuning skills. (Ages 5 and up.)

*Both materials and spaces are rigorously cleaned before and after each class, same- space usage is staggered, or a specialized Music Kit may also be delivered to your home, when Virtual.

Stay in-the-know... Join the CCA E-List and Social Media today to stay up to date on new offerings and schedules, including parent resources and discounts!

Contact us via for more information and to register. Or call us at 646-755-7733.

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