Top Back to School Organization Tips

Top Back to School Organization Tips

Top Back to School Organization Tips

Back to school season nearly here, and with it comes a brand new schedule, additional activities, and pressure on everyone’s time. As parents, we may find ourselves overwhelmed and under pressure during this time of year. But do not fear, because we have back to school organization ideas and tips that will help you make that transition with ease.

Get organized with these top back-to-school tips

Firstly, let’s talk about a family calendar. There are so many things to keep control of – school activities, homework, after-school sports, etc so it is a good idea to create a calendar that everyone in the family can input into. It may be a magnetic calendar on your fridge, an old-school paper calendar on the wall, or a shared digital calendar, having a designated place for everyone to stay updated will keep your family on top of things.

Next, let’s set up a homework station. We all know that homework begins shortly after school goes back. Whether your child has a desk or will be using the kitchen table, it’s important to have a designated space that is stocked with all the necessary school essentials.

We all know kids are always hungry after school. Instead of having them search through cupboards or grab unhealthy snacks, create a bin of pre-planned snacks that are easily accessible. This will be a time-saver and will make sure that your kids are making healthier choices.

Morning routine & decluttering

Having a consistent morning routine will help streamline your mornings and ensure that everyone is out the door on time. Encourage your kids to try and pack their backpacks and lay out their clothes the night before to avoid any last-minute chaos.

Furthermore, don’t forget to declutter and organize your kids’ rooms and study areas. Get rid of any unnecessary items and create special spaces for books, school supplies, and toys. This can create a clean and more organized environment and can also help your kids stay focused and motivated.

Lastly, involve your kids in the organization process. Teach them the importance of staying organized and give them responsibilities such as keeping their backpacks organized and their study areas tidy.


The start of the school year doesn’t have to send your family life into chaos. By implementing these back-to-school organization ideas and tips, you can create a smooth transition for your family. From setting up a family calendar to creating a homework station and establishing routines, these simple strategies will help you and your family stay organized throughout the school year. So, let’s make this back to school season a breeze!

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