The FAO Schwarz Big Piano is Back

The FAO Schwarz Big Piano is Back

FAO Schwarz BIG Piano is Back

The reopening of the FAO Schwarz Toy Store in Rockefeller Center was nothing short of magical and with it brought the return of the FAO Schwarz BIG piano. The once iconic 5th Avenue store may have closed its doors in 2015, but now it’s back and better than ever. The highlight of the store is, of course, the BIG Piano that made its debut in the classic Tom Hanks movie, BIG. After the original store closed the Big Piano was installed inside Macy’s Herald Square, but has since moved again when the new store opened.

Through the vision of Frederick August Otto Schwarz, the world’s most renowned toy store was born. For over a century and a half, it has continued to fill families with amazement, by stocking extraordinary, unique playthings from all corners of the globe.

The store itself is 20,000 square feet, filled to the brim with every toy you could imagine. It’s a paradise for kids and adults alike. There are interactive experiences around every corner, like the famous FAO Raceway and the Build-A-Bear Workshop. It’s hard not to get lost in the endless rows of stuffed animals, LEGO sets, and board games.

But the true highlight of the store is the BIG Piano. It’s hard to resist the urge to take off your shoes and dance across the keys, just like Tom Hanks did in the movie. It’s a surreal experience, hearing the notes resonate beneath your feet. You feel like a kid again, and it’s hard not to smile.

The reopening of the FAO Schwarz Toy Store in Rockefeller Center is a reminder of the magic that comes with being a kid. It’s a place where anything is possible, and imagination knows no bounds. The BIG piano is just one small part of that magic, but it’s a part that will stay with me forever.


FAO Schwarz
Rockefeller Center
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10111

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