The Best of NYC: Brooklyn Independent Education

Choosing the school that is right for your family can be a difficult task. We have pulled together information on some of the best independent schools in Brooklyn to help ease the search.

Berkeley Carrol

Berkeley Carroll is a vibrant, independent, preK through 12th grade college prep school where students develop their critical, ethical and global thinking in and out of the classroom.

Walk through our halls and you’ll see classes where teachers engage and challenge students and intellectual curiosity is encouraged, with students investigating, performing, sharing insights and perspectives, asking questions, and solving real-world problems.

After they graduate, our students go on to thrive at the world’s most selective and admired colleges and universities.

Centrally located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, our school attracts families from all parts of New York City and New Jersey and provides free bus service for students.


Brooklyn Friends

Brooklyn Friends NYC

Located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, we educate curious learners from two years old through twelfth grade, sensitively minding their social and emotional well-being within a strong and experiential learning community that is inclusive of the diversity of perspectives and identities within Brooklyn and beyond.

Since its founding in 1867, the heartbeat of BFS has been defined by its adherence to Quaker values, which are essential in our world today. In varied ways, our rich and developmentally-guided academic program reflects a daily immersion into the values of peace, integrity, simplicity, equality, community, and stewardship. As we grapple with the complex challenges present in our society, these values serve as guideposts that lead to humanity-minded innovations and solutions.


Fusion Academy

Fusion Academy Brooklyn

Fusion Academy in Brooklyn, NY opened in 2014 as Fusion’s 19th campus nationwide. Fusion Brooklyn is a private school where classes are one-to-one: one student and one teacher per classroom. Our Teacher/Mentors can personalize curriculum and pacing for their students’ strengths, interests, and learning style. Students may attend full-time for middle and high school or part-time with classes for credit, tutoring and mentoring, post-secondary counseling, and more.


International School of Brooklyn

International school of brooklyn

ISB’s innovative and robust Pre-K 3 to 8th Grade French and Spanish International Baccalaureate program is a multilingual educational journey that develops students into driven explorers and passionate communicators.

From Pre-K 3s to 8th Grade, ISB’s curriculum exposes students to diverse cultural perspectives and experiences that enhance their educational journeys and broaden their vision of the world. This dynamic, stimulating, and goal-oriented learning environment provides students with the skills to take on any challenge with confidence and achieve any goal before them.


Poly Prep Country Day School

Poly Prep NYC

When you step onto the 25-acre campus at Poly Prep, you can feel the difference. At Poly, high standards are set. At Poly, every challenge is welcome and every risk encouraged and supported. Here, differences aren’t merely mentioned but celebrated. Here, we all walk together with one goal: to be the most extraordinary version of ourselves.

To succeed in tomorrow’s world will require more than just outstanding test scores. Poly Prep’s academic program is singular because it prepares students not only to know the answers but also instills the intellectual curiosity to seek new questions. As diverse as it is rigorous, our curriculum addresses real world issues in every grade and enables students to find their voices in imagining solutions to them. Every classroom is teeming with thoughtful discussion, exploration, and collaboration to expand their intellect and nurture a lasting love of learning.



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