Take a Visit to New York Aquarium

Take a Visit to New York Aquarium

Include a trip to the New York Aquarium in your next outing plans and enjoy an exciting marine adventure close to home.

The newest exhibit PlayQuarium is a playful, interactive space where younger visitors and their grown ups can connect with the ocean through imaginative play. Be a shark, be a humpback whale, be a sardine in larger-than-life marine habitats that include a kelp forest and giant anemone. Kids can experience what it’s like to be a marine animal or a scientist exploring the ocean. This is also the first fully bilingual English and Spanish exhibit.

Insider Tip: Enter a deep-sea immersible and shine a light into the water to search for bioluminescent fish, then pose for photos as different bioluminescent creatures.

In Spineless, you’ll discover many bizarrely beautiful animals that will take your breath away including: giant Pacific octopus, Japanese spider crabs, Caribbean spiny lobsters and different species of ethereal jellyfish.

Insider Tip: The cuttlefish are masters of disguise! See if you can spot them trying to camouflage themselves in their habitat.

Sharks are often misunderstood but in Ocean Wonders: Sharks! you’ll get a completely new perspective on these fascinating fish, their cousins the rays, and other amazing animals that can be found right off the Coney Island Boardwalk.

Insider Tip: See if you can catch a “smile” from a ray as they swim past. Their mouths are on their undersides and they always seem to be smiling at us as they glide by.

When you’re ready for lunch, be sure to stop by the brand new restaurant, the Seaside Café where the delicious menu items are locally and responsibly sourced.

Insider Tip: Check out the Daily Specials board for the chefs’ choice artisan salads, sandwiches, soups, and fish specials.

Hang with the sea otters, penguins, and other charismatic animals in Sea Cliffs and enjoy a mood boosting Aquatheater Show with the sea lions and their trainers. Make your next outing a memorable one with happy times at New York City’s only Aquarium.

New York Aquarium
602 Surf Ave
NY 11224


Image Credit: Julie Larsen Maher (New York Aquarium)

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