TADA! Youth Theater Offers Free Musical Theater Experiences to Enjoy at Home!

Song Challenge #TADAHereWeAre; Sing & Dance Dance Dance with TADA! We bring the joy & fun of TADA! to you!

Please join us to experience the joy and fun of Musical Theater in TADA! home edition.  Upbeat lively and joyful experiences right in your living room! Dance Dance Dance with your family or virtually with your friends and neighbors!

Song Challenge: #TADAHereWeAre
How will you perform our signature song TADA! Here We Are? Learn it! Record it! Post it and tag us @tadatheater and use #TADAHereWeAre! Challenge a friend by tagging them. Make it your own experience and get theatrical.  Create your own costuming, lighting, audience…you name it and show us what you’ve got! Visit TADATHEATER.COM for more details.

Sing & Dance with TADA!
Learn a new musical number every week from a TADA! show. Warm up vocally and physically, learn the vocals and choreography, and then perform it for family and friends, live and virtually.  Visit TADATHEATER.COM every Saturday for links to a new song!

Bringing TADA! to you!
Visit TADA! YouTube channel to watch fabulous numbers from our award-winning original musicals performed by our Resident Youth Ensemble! Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Stay tuned with TADA! for more action!
Check back in the next few weeks for full past productions streaming for you to watch at home; virtual small group musical theater classes; private virtual singing, dancing, acting and piano lessons.  Visit TADATHEATER.COM every week for more to do and enjoy at home!


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