South Street Seaport Museum Announces Beach Fest

South Street Seaport Museum Announces Beach Fest

The South Street Seaport Museum announces Beach Fest at the Seaport Museum on Saturday, July 6, from 11am to 2pm at Pier 16 (Fulton and South Streets). Each Summer, the Seaport brings fun, sand, and music to Seaport Square with Beach Fest. This year, the Seaport Museum is joining Mommy Poppins and Brooklyn Bridge Parents for Seaport Kids x Music Fest with free entertaining and educational activities.

Watershed Workshop 11–1pm | Seaport Square | Free

Come learn about climate change and how New Yorkers interact with water resources. Join the Seaport Museum at the Seaport Kids x Music Fest to learn about watersheds––areas of land that drain or “shed” rainfall and snowmelt into streams and rivers. Using 3D models of the New York Harbor and Catskill Watersheds, we will get hands-on while investigating ways in which people in New York City interact with water resources, learning how land-based pollution such as litter and automobile drippings enter our waterways through run-off, and inspecting how we get our water from upland sources. No registration needed. This all-ages activity takes place outdoors and walk-ups are welcome.

Forging Maritime Metals 12–2pm | Pier 16 | Free

This drop-in metalworking demonstration will delve into the crucial role of blacksmiths during the Age of Sail, both on land and aboard ships at sea. This all-ages program will spark interest into the maritime blacksmithing trade and provide visitors with insight into the construction and maintenance of historic vessels, like the 1885 tall ship Wavertree. Stop by Pier 16 where you can witness the creation of vital components that held hulls together. In addition, you will learn about the diverse array of tools created by blacksmiths such as those utilized by the ship’s carpenter, pots and utensils employed by the cook, harpoons and knives used by whalers, and even colossal anchors like those near Bowne & Co. Stationers. With such a rich history to explore, these experiences promise an immersive journey into the blacksmiths of maritime past and present. No registration needed. This activity takes place outdoors at Pier 16 and walk-ups are welcome.

Raise the Sails Aboard Wavertree 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:30pm | Wavertree | Free with General Admission

Get your Pay What You Wish General Admission ticket to the Seaport Museum to come aboard the tall ship Wavertree and step into the fascinating world of 19th-century sailors with a special, hands-on experience, perfect for visitors of all ages! In these interactive mini-workshops, you and your little ones can learn how to raise the sails on the historic ship just like the sailors of old and dive into the nautical vocabulary and terms used for different parts of the tall ship. Before or after your workshop with Seaport Museum educators, you are invited to take a self-guided tour to discover the daily life on a 19th-century cargo sailing ship, from the captain to the ship’s officers, cooks, and crew. This family activity is free with Pay What You Wish General Admission. No additional registration required.


South Street Seaport Museum
12 Fulton Street
NY, NY 10038


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