Playgarden Prep Launches English-Spanish Immersion Program in Downtown NYC

Playgarden Prep Launches English-Spanish Immersion Program in Downtown NYC

Playgarden Prep, a premier New York City-based early childhood education center, is proud to announce the launch of a unique English-Spanish bilingual immersion program at their Tribeca location (95 Franklin Street, New York, NY 10013) for all students ages 12 months to six years. In partnership with Arenales Red Educativa, Playgarden Prep will begin its bilingual immersion program with four school days a week taught half in English, half in Spanish by native Spanish-speaking teachers. Playgarden Prep is taking new student enrollment for the bilingual immersion program for September 2024, and current families can enroll in the program beginning immediately.

“Though New York City—a truly international city—already has multiple German, Italian, French, and Mandarin schools, there are surprisingly limited options for Spanish-English preschools,” said Playgarden CEO and Co-Founder Carlos Corona. “Because of the young age of our students, a full immersion program will be the most effective way to create a strong, long-lasting base in both English and Spanish languages.”

Playgarden Prep’s partnership with Arenales Red Educativa, a Spanish early childhood education organization, grew organically, seamlessly marrying their homogeneous goals to broaden opportunities for early childhood Spanish-English immersion in New York City. The Playgarden Prep English-Spanish Immersion Program will incorporate teachers with ample experience teaching Spanish in a bilingual setting, as well as teaching in the downtown New York City area. The Spanish Chamber of Commerce will also sponsor a group of teachers from Spain to join the teaching staff at Playgarden Prep, furthering the partners’ commitment to authentic English-Spanish learning.

“An immersion program is truly the best way to cement language learning,” noted Arenales Red Educativa Vice President Josemaria Madrid. “At Arenales, we are committed to the growth of each student and aim to provide profound, long-lasting learning for our students through an integrated approach to education,” he continued. “We’re thrilled to continue this mission through the collaboration with our partners at Playgarden, who share our enthusiasm. With the bilingual immersion program at Playgarden, we hope to continue improving the lives of our students and families by fostering a life-long love for language.”

Playgarden Prep will host an open house for interested families on March 5, 2024 at the Playgarden Prep Tribeca location at 95 Franklin Street, New York, NY 10013. Families may also schedule a private tour starting in February 2024 to experience firsthand the enriching environment and educational opportunities.

For more information about Playgarden Prep, please visit, and find them on Instagram @playgardenprep.

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