Play online with Chess NYC

Play Online With Chess NYC

The games must go on! Chess NYC‘s unparalleled team of coaches are ready to continue teaching and playing right here!

Chess NYC Introduces online fun “Chess in Time” for “Social Distancing”: (3) unique, interactive types of group lessons and private lessons are available too, and, when you are done you can even play, practice and solve puzzles!

A message from Chess NYC
We hope you are safe and sound @ home, playing Chess as much as possible and enjoying some quality time with those you love the most!

We are very excited to ramp up the Chess Coaching, Practice and Play again… and you can even participate in your pajamas! (but we recommend you get dressed!!)

Please join us online, as often as you like!

We’ll learn, figure new things out and have a lot of fun again!

Remember our rule, “We play until we win…and then we play again.”

Can’t wait to see you (yeah, we’ll be able to see each other!!)

Until then…Stay safe!

Online 1 on 1 Coaching and Play

From Chess NYC


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