New York Society of Play Summer Programs

New York Society of Play Summer Programs

At the New York Society of Play, we use games to form communities and foster healthy friendships. Thanks to our social contract, our favorite games teach us about safety, trust, consent, and more!

During game room, students broaden their horizons through instructor-led and self-guided activities. Game room is indoors at 79 West Street, where our students have access to a wealth of games, toys, and more!

Outside in the park, students play Fantasy Frontier! Is this activity made by our staff of game designers can only be found at the New York Society Of Play. Students will use foam swords and magic spells to become heroes in a fantastic journey!

Program hours are 9am-3pm in Greenpoint and Fort Greene. Sessions are two weeks long each, but weekly signups are available!

Need a later pickup time? We’ve got you covered our afternoon clubs take place from 3pm-6pm. With fun activities like retro gaming, Pokémon club, and Dungeons & Dragons, after school clubs turn a long day into a great day.

You can learn more and register at, or email us at For updates and community highlights, feel free to follow our Instagram, @nysocietyofplay.

Adventure awaits!

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