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Mill Basin Day Camp

Summers are for having fun, spending time with friends and making memories that last a lifetime. That’s what Mill Basin Day Camp is all about. We are dedicated to delivering an exciting and fulfilling camp experience for children by providing fun, recreational and social activities.

Our facility, which is family owned and dedicated to CAMP ONLY, is a modern, fully air-conditioned facility offers a wide range of 40+ on-site activities for children entering Pre-K thru 8th grade. There are Five (5) individual camp programs each with its own unique and innovative program. We provide a nutritional hot lunch and snack daily.

We realize and understand the pressures facing today’s working parents so we have designed a very flexible registration program. Changing your summer schedule by adding, subtracting or changing weeks is never a problem at any time.

Families are always invited to come in for a personal tour of the facility and to discuss the camp program with you at length. It would be our pleasure having you.

Jack Grosbard, Owner

Mill Basin Day Camp
5945 Strickland Ave
NY 11234

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | 718.251.6200

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