Kids Bowl Free All Spring & Summer

Kids Bowl Free All Spring & Summer

Kids Bowl Free is an extraordinary initiative that’s been enriching the summer experience for children and their families since 2007. Offering 2 FREE games of bowling every day during the spring and summer seasons, this program invites families to enjoy a fun, safe, and engaging activity together.

Since this initiative started, more than 35 million kids and families have participated, making Kids Bowl Free a testament to the community and recreational centers’ commitment to positive family bonding and healthy, active lifestyles for children.

Who is Eligible for the Kids Bowl Free Program?

All children who meet the age requirement set by the participating bowling center can register for the Kids Bowl Free program. These age limits are determined by each bowling center, so it’s essential to check the specific registration page of the center you’re interested in for detailed eligibility criteria.

How to Get Started with Kids Bowl Free

Visit The first step is to navigate to the website and find a participating bowling center near you. With more than 1,500 centers globally, there’s a good chance you’ll find a location convenient for your family.

Register Your Children: Once you’ve chosen a participating bowling center, you can register your kids on the website. Registration is straightforward and ensures your children can enjoy 2 free games of bowling each day of the program throughout the summer.

Kids Bowl Free All Spring & Summer: With registration out of the way, all that’s left is to have fun! Your kids can enjoy bowling all through the spring and summer, ensuring they stay active, entertained, and engaged during their school break.

Benefits for Families in New York and Beyond

For families in New York and elsewhere, the Kids Bowl Free program offers several tangible benefits:

Healthy Activity: Bowling is a physical activity that can help keep your children active and healthy.

Affordable Family Fun: By offering 2 free games daily, families can enjoy quality time together without the financial strain of paying for each game.

Safe Environment: Bowling centers participating in this program are committed to providing a secure and friendly environment for families.

Skill Development: Regular bowling can help children develop hand-eye coordination, balance, and concentration skills. is more than just a free bowling program. It’s an initiative that promotes family bonding, physical activity, and community engagement. Whether you’re in New York or any other part of the world where this program is accessible, taking advantage of the Kids Bowl Free offer can lead to a memorable, enjoyable, and valuable summer experience for your children and the entire family.

Find your nearest participating bowling center.

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