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Bilingual education is a gift to a child. A gift of lifelong transcultural understanding and the ability to communicate, live, or work around the world. There are also significant cognitive benefits and improved educational outcomes associated with the learning of a second language. That’s why the International Academy of New York has a bilingual program at the center of its Pre-Nursery through 5th Grade curriculum. Students spend more than 40% of their week fully functioning in either Spanish or Chinese, through immersion classes in language, music and art – all taught by native speakers.

At the International Academy of New York, we believe students learn best when they feel seen and heard; that small class sizes create opportunities for meaningful investigation into core subjects at the highest level; that truly diverse schools produce students who are culturally astute, intellectually stimulated, and make transitions easily; and that bilingual education is a necessity in an every shrinking world.

If you’d like to learn more about about our school, our diverse community, our focus on exceptional literacy and math skills, and our bilingual program, you may each us at

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