How To Spend Valentine's Day in NYC With Little Kids

How To Spend Valentine’s Day in NYC With Little Kids

This Valentine’s Day, navigate New York City in the best way possible – through the wide-eyed wonderment of your little ones. From taking advantage of the child-friendly locales around the city to planning activities that include your partner, Valentine’s Day with your young kids can be an absolute delight.

Kick-off the day at Central Park. From its charming carousel to the Heckscher playground, the park offers perfect opportunities for your little ones to enjoy playful moments. Bundle them up and take them on a stroll, or simply capture their joyous giggles in pictures for a perfect Valentine’s Day memento.

While you’re in Central Park, swing by the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Central Park Zoo, where toddlers will love seeing the red pandas, sea lions, and penguins. Be sure to plan your visit during feeding times for an added thrill.

New York City’s cuisine is another treat that can’t be missed. Grab lunch at Serendipity 3, an NYC classic known for its decadent Frrrozen Hot Chocolate and whimsical decor, or Alice’s Tea Cup, which offers a unique experience that young kids absolutely love. Based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, it features quirky, colourful decor and offers delicious fairy-dusted scones and an array of scrumptious tea selections.

As Valentine’s Day falls mid-week this year, why not celebrate on the weekend. You could enjoy Kids Love Brunch at The Lobby (595 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11218) between 11.30 and 1pm on February 11. Head out early to have brunch, and we all know that kids love brunch even more when there’s fun involved. There will be crafting, cookie decorating, face-painting and you’ll even have a take-home photo to consolidate the memory.

Finish off your special day with a cozy family movie night at home. Curl up with a selection of love-filled animation like ‘Lady and the Tramp’ or ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ Order from your favorite local restaurant to avoid cooking fuss, leaving you with more time to shower your loved ones with attention.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is all about togetherness and celebrating love in all forms. Your little ones might not fully understand the concept, but a day full of laughter, sweets, arts, and a lot of hugs will surely paint a beautiful picture in their innocent minds while creating a magical Valentine’s Day for you and your partner.

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