Horseback Riding Adventures in and Around New York City for Families

Horseback Riding Adventures in and Around New York City for Families

For parents with school-age children, finding engaging, outdoor activities in New York City can be a thrilling adventure. One unique and exciting option is horseback riding. Whether your kids are beginners or budding equestrians, there are numerous spots in and around NYC where they can saddle up and enjoy a memorable day out. Let’s explore some of the best places for horseback riding in and near the Big Apple.

Jamaica Bay Riding Academy – Brooklyn, NY
Located within the Gateway National Recreation Area, the Jamaica Bay Riding Academy offers a variety of horseback riding experiences suitable for all skill levels. The academy features guided trail rides through scenic landscapes, providing a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Lessons are also available for those looking to improve their riding skills.

GallopNYC – Multiple Locations
GallopNYC is a fantastic option for families, with locations in Brooklyn, Queens, and Governors Island. This non-profit organization provides therapeutic horseback riding for children and adults with disabilities, but they also offer lessons for the general public. Their experienced instructors ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all riders.

Be ⦁ Brooklyn Equine, Brooklyn, NY (previously Kensington Stables)
Be ⦁ Brooklyn Equine is conveniently located near Prospect Park, making it an ideal spot for a family day out. They offer lessons for riders of all ages and skill levels, as well as scenic trail rides through the park (the park has 3.5 miles of trails). The stables are dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment for all riders.

City Island Stables – Bronx, NY
Situated in Pelham Bay Park, City Island Stables provides a range of riding options, including pony rides for younger children, trail rides, and riding lessons. The center is known for its friendly staff and well-maintained horses. It’s a great place for a family outing, offering a peaceful retreat within the city.

Twin Lakes Farm – Bronxville, NY
Just a short drive from Manhattan, Twin Lakes Farm offers both indoor and outdoor riding arenas, making it a year-round destination for horseback riding. They provide lessons for all ages, pony rides for younger children, and advanced training for experienced riders. The farm is set in a picturesque location, perfect for a family day out.

Seaton Hackney Stables Morristown, NJ
Located about an hour’s drive from NYC, Seaton Hackney Stables in Morristown, New Jersey, offers a wide range of equestrian activities. From trail rides and pony rides to summer camps and birthday parties, there’s something for everyone. Their family-friendly atmosphere and professional staff make it a top choice for a fun-filled day trip.

Riverdale Equestrian Centre – Bronx, NY
Nestled along the Hudson River, the Riverdale Equestrian Centre provides a scenic setting for horseback riding. They offer lessons for riders of all levels, trail rides, and summer camps for kids. The centre is known for its well-trained horses and experienced instructors, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Exploring these horseback riding venues in and around New York City is a wonderful way to bond with your children while enjoying the great outdoors. Each location offers unique experiences, ensuring there’s something for everyone. So, gear up, hit the trails, and create unforgettable memories with your family!

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