Easter Weekend for Families in NYC

Easter Weekend for Families in NYC

Easter weekend in New York City presents an array of colorful, fun, and engaging activities tailored to families. Whether you live in the city, or are visiting with your kids for the holiday, you’ll find the city buzzing with festive events, egg hunts, and parades. If you’re planning to make Easter 2024 unforgettable for your little ones in NYC, here’s a guide on how to maximize the joy and excitement of this special weekend.

Start with the Iconic Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival
A time-honored tradition dating back to the 1870s, the Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival is a must-see event that kicks off on Easter Sunday. The parade showcases a stunning array of imaginative and often extravagantly decorated bonnets. It’s a spectacle of creativity and spring fashion where participants, from toddlers to adults, show off their Easter best. Starting around 10am along Fifth Avenue from 49th to 57th Streets, it’s a leisurely affair, more a stroll than a march, making it perfect for families with children. Don’t forget to bring your camera; the unique hats and outfits are worth capturing.

Embark on an Easter Egg Hunt
New York City turns into a treasure island with numerous Easter egg hunts that promise fun for the whole family. Options abound, from classic hunts in local parks to more elaborate affairs. Always a great one is the Queens County Farm Museum’s Barnyard Egg Hunt, which offers not just egg hunting but also hayrides and photo ops with Whiskers the Easter Bunny. Easter events often require advance booking, so be sure to plan ahead.

Indulge in a Festive Brunch
No Easter weekend is complete without a festive brunch. NYC is home to numerous family-friendly restaurants that offer special Easter brunch menus. From pancakes topped with colorful sprinkles to savory classics with a twist, these eateries cater to both adult and pint-sized palates. Many spots also provide special entertainment, like magicians or face painting, to keep the little ones delighted while you savor your meal. Restaurants with views of Central Park or the Hudson River can add a memorable backdrop to your Easter celebration.

Explore the City’s Green Spaces
After indulging in the city’s culinary delights, take the time to walk it off in one of NYC’s beautiful parks. Central Park, with its blooming cherry blossoms and wide open spaces, is ideal for a family picnic or a leisurely boat ride in the lake. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is another excellent spot to enjoy the beauty of spring. Their annual Sakura Matsuri Festival, coinciding with cherry blossom season, is a beautiful celebration of Japanese culture and might just align with your Easter weekend plans.

Enjoy Special Museum Programs
Many of NYC’s museums offer special programs and workshops for families during Easter weekend. These can range from arts and crafts sessions where kids can make their own Easter decorations, to educational workshops about spring and nature. It’s a fantastic way to combine fun with learning and expose your kids to new experiences.

Planning your Easter weekend in NYC around these family-friendly activities will surely make it a memorable experience for your children. With a mix of tradition, culture, and outdoor fun, Easter 2024 in the Big Apple promises to be an exhilarating weekend for families. Remember to book activities in advance and keep an eye on local listings for any new events that might pop up. Happy Easter!

Have a look at our events calendar to find family fun events in NYC this weekend.

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