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Earth Day for Families: Save Our Planet, Save Our Future

With Earth Day right around the corner on 4/22, the online learning community Brainly polled more than 2,000 students about their opinions, beliefs, and habits pertaining to the environment. Respondents ranged from middle school to college students.

Consider this: 46% are very worried about the state of the planet they will inherit and think it will take a lot of effort to save, while another 42% said they are “somewhat worried.” Only 12% of students said they think the earth is in good shape and they are not worried.

Interesting findings from the national Earth Day student survey include:

  1. Our Planet, Our Future. Nearly 44% of students said they are predicting that within 20 years, Earth’s environment will be worse than it is now, and 22% of students said that they think Earth’s environment will be entirely destroyed in 20 years.
  2. We’ve Got The Whole World in Our Hands. Over 70% of students said they believe that the government should be held accountable for ensuring we have a healthy environment, and 66% said that individuals must be held responsible as well.
  3. Environmental News You Can Use. Nearly 27% of students said they got their news about the environment from social media, 20% said they learned about the environment from watching TV, and 10% of students said they used digital news sites to gather their information.
  4. Small Actions, Big Impact. Over 60% of students said they consistently recycle, pick up trash, and turn their lights off in order to better the environment. Nearly 42% said they walk, bike, or carpool on a regular basis to reduce their carbon footprint, and 49% actively try to conserve water in their everyday lives. Learn more: Which best describes a person’s carbon footprint?
  5. Making Every Day Earth Day. Over 44% of students said they’ll celebrate Earth Day this year, while another 59% said they don’t plan to do anything special to commemorate the special day and instead try to treat every day like it’s Earth Day.

“Young students can, and do, make a big difference. As parents and teachers, we have the opportunity to spark a passion in our kids that will drive them to do their part to take care of the Earth they inherit,” says Patrick Quinn, a parenting expert at Brainly, former educator, and father of three school-age children.

Here are some fun, helpful ways for families to celebrate Earth Day:

  1. Get outside. Picking up trash in your neighborhood, going on a nature walk, or having an outdoor scavenger hunt are all great ways to enjoy some fresh air and celebrate Earth Day.
  2. Volunteer. Volunteer for cleanups in your community. You can get involved in protecting your watershed, too.
  3. Get your hands dirty. Start a family garden and talk about where food actually comes from, or purchase seeds and start planting. Be sure to select plants appropriate to your climate, which you can find at a local farmer’s market or plant shop.
  4. Plant a tree. For an activity that will stay with you for a lifetime, choose a tree together as a family and plant it in your yard. You can take pictures with it every Earth Day and watch it grow over the years. You can also educate your kids about how trees help combat global warming and deforestation.
  5. Try “earth painting.” Finger paint with mud on sidewalks or use non-toxic watercolors to paint river rocks. The water will wash the paint away.

Content & image credit: Brainly 

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