Colorful Children’s Book A Rainbow Every Day Encourages Healthy Eating Habits

Mascot Books announces the release of A Rainbow Every Day written by Fiona Smart with illustrations by Vanessa Alexandre.

When a little boy realizes that eating nothing but treats didn’t make him feel so great, he is reminded of the importance of eating a wide variety of foods.

A Rainbow Every Day is a bright and joyful title that creatively teaches children the importance of eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The story follows an imaginative young boy who pictures himself in a rainbow world with his toy unicorn. The boy quickly finds himself feeling sick and lethargic after eating sweets, pizza, and other goodies. With colorful illustrations and musical rhymes, the unicorn teaches the boy about all of the fruits and vegetables of the rainbow. This is a perfect read for children, allowing them to use their imaginations while learning to love healthy eating.

Author Fiona Smart resides in Brooklyn, New York with her family. Born and raised in London, she found a love for poetry and rhyme at an early age.  Fiona used this love of poetry and singing/songwriting to create her first children’s book, I Can Be a Superhero, which was honored at the New York Book Festival in 2016. As a parent herself, she understands how difficult it can be to instill healthy eating habits in children.  She hopes her sophomore project, A Rainbow Every Day, can help to teach children about the benefits of a healthy diet.

For more information and to download the official song, “A Rainbow Every Day”, visit Follow Fiona on Instagram @FionaSmartBooks and on Facebook @Fiona Smart Books.

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