Claire’s Creative Adventures Fall Classes

Claire’s Creative Adventures is so excited to announce our Weekly, Monthly, Semester Classes, Museum Tours and Fall Parties!  

Now in our 20th year, CCA programs offer myriad art material exploration, artistic development, art & French language exploration (& Spanish), have a 2:1-3:1 teacher-student ratio and combines a passion for art-making with Artists, Museums, Modern, Multicultural and Contemporary art and current exhibits. 

CO-VID Safety is our Number One Priority! 

All Souls Church (80/Lex. + Outdoor Courtyards) / LIC / Private /Virtual Locations Near You  

Fall Semester Art Classes: 
1 FREE Class with Semester purchase!  

(New: Monthly purchases also available.)  

In-Person (& Virtual) Fall Offerings:

Virtual Adventures available also, with inspiring Art Kits delivered to your door! Register a week in advance to receive your art kit on time.  

Children from ages 2-15 are introduced to modern and contemporary artists and diverse cultures. 

Students use and engage in a wide variety of mediums and techniques! 

Don’t waste another moment, sign up now! 

Museum Tours:
Come with your child to NYC museums and galleries! The Met, MoMA, Guggenheim, UES, Chelsea galleries and more.

With the use of plastics, collage, metal, wire, and more… these energetic tours are engaging to even our youngest tour-goers!  

Parents and Children are introduced to modern and contemporary artists, diverse cultures, a wide variety of mediums and techniques on-site. 

Bring grandparents, parents or friend groups!  

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Fall Birthday Parties, Holidays and Corporate Events:
Planning a small party, holiday or corporate event? 

CCA will plan and prepare all party supplies, entertainment, gift bags and more!  

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