Celebrate MLK Day with a Day of Dance at Cumbe

January 19.2020

Since 2014, Cumbe: Center for African and Diaspora Dance has opened its doors to welcome the community for a full day of dance to celebrate the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This year we are excited to initiate 2020 with a variety of traditional and contemporary styles of dance, introducing audiences to the vast and diverse cultures of the African Diaspora.

“Through Community Dance Day, Cumbe invites everyone to a full-day immersion into African-rooted dance that’s affordable,” says Jimena Martinez, Executive Director and Co-founder of Cumbe. “At $5 for one-hour classes, we hope folks will be inspired to try out new dance styles, take two, three, four or even more classes and mingle and laugh with their fellow dancers. What better way to mark the legacy of MLK than by coming together as a community to feel the joy and replenish our spirits by experiencing the life-giving force of dance and music from Africa and its diaspora?”

Cumbe welcomes the community to join us on this special day of unity to celebrate the life, legend and sacrifice of one of our country’s beloved civil rights leaders and of those unnamed who sacrificed alongside King.

Please check out the schedule of classes for January 19 below:

11:15am – Conga Kids (family class)
12:15pm – Afrobeats Fusion with Tamara Jones
1:30pm – Afro-Cuban Explosión! with Leithis Hechavarria
4:00pm – Afro-Haitian with Julio Jean
5:15pm – Sabar with Ousmane Sall
6:30pm – West African with Darian Parker

Community Dance Day will take place at 1368 Fulton Street, within the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza on Sunday, January 19 from 11:15am-6:30pm

Each class is one-hour and costs $5.

We look forward to seeing you there! Visit www.cumbedance.org for more information.

Cumbe: Center for African and Diaspora Dance
1368 Fulton St.,
NY 11216

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