Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club Summer Camp

Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club Summer Camp

Founded in 2010 by Olympian, Olympic & World Championship medal-winning coach, Dan Kellner, Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club is proud to be offering 9 weeks of fun, full-day summer fencing camp for children with our expert coaches. With multiple options across both foil and saber, our camps are one of the best ways for brand-new fencers to try out the sport as well as for intermediate and competitive fencers to improve their skills. Children will participate in age- and skill-appropriate group instruction, games, conditioning and coordination exercises, footwork, blade work, tactics, and bouting. All equipment provided. Multi-week registration discounts available. Spots are limited, so be sure to register today!

Why Fencing?

1. Promotes an Active Lifestyle
Your children can’t “swordfight” without a lot of athletic movement and learning to control their bodies and reflexes in ways that are different from everyday life, much better than looking at screens all day.

2. Children Learn to Pay Attention
Fencing develops concentration, decision-making skills, and critical thinking, all while under pressure in a safe, controlled environment. These are skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

3. Builds Personal Responsibility & Character
Because fencing is an individual sport, fencers learn they are responsible for their success, learn how to manage failure, and discover they are mentally & physically stronger than they ever imagined.

4. A Safe Outlet for Aggression
Children learn to control and express themselves in an emotionally safe space. There are few other places where you are cheered and encouraged for positive aggression.

5. Makes College Applications Stand Out
Fencing has the best athlete to scholarship ratio of any sport, with a 30% chance of competing in NCAA Div. 1, if they fence in high school, compared to 0.5% for basketball, making any college application stand out.

Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club
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