Aviator Sports Summer Day Camp

Aviator Sports Summer Day Camp

Aviator Sports Summer Day Camp offers an exhilarating escape for children seeking adventure, sportsmanship, and unforgettable memories. Nestled in the Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, Aviator Sports provides the perfect backdrop for a summer filled with excitement and exploration.

At Aviator Sports Summer Day Camp, children aged 4 to 15 embark on a journey of discovery, where each day presents new opportunities for fun and growth. From July 1st to August 23rd, campers engage in a diverse array of activities designed to ignite their passions, foster friendships, and build confidence.

One of the hallmarks of Aviator Sports Summer Day Camp is its commitment to providing a well-rounded experience that caters to every child’s interests. Whether your little one is a budding athlete, a creative spirit, or an adventurer at heart, there’s something for everyone at Aviator.

Each day, campers participate in five rotating activities, ensuring a dynamic and engaging schedule that keeps them on their toes. From mastering the art of ice skating to making a splash in the swimming pool, every moment is an opportunity for excitement and growth. Additionally, campers can unleash their creativity through arts and crafts projects, express themselves through dance and music, and challenge themselves with a variety of indoor and outdoor games and activities. A well-balanced lunch and snack provided by Healthy Heart Foods is served daily! Campers also participate in exciting field trips such as The Museum of Natural History, The New York Aquarium, and more!

In addition to its wide range of activities, Aviator Sports Summer Day Camp offers flexible scheduling options to accommodate the needs of busy families. Campers can enroll for one week or up to eight weeks, allowing parents to customize their child’s summer experience to fit their schedule. Furthermore, early drop-off, late stay, and bus transportation options are available, providing added convenience and peace of mind for parents.

For families with multiple children, Aviator Sports Summer Day Camp offers a sibling discount, making it easier than ever to provide all of your little ones with an unforgettable summer adventure.

But Aviator Sports Summer Day Camp is more than just a place to have fun—it’s a community. Campers forge lifelong friendships, learn important life skills, and create cherished memories that last a lifetime. Whether they’re conquering their fears on the rock climbing wall, or cheering on their teammates in a friendly game of soccer, every moment at Aviator Sport is an opportunity for growth, connection, and joy.

So why wait? Secure your child’s spot at Aviator Sports Summer Day Camp today and give them the gift of a summer they’ll never forget. Whether they’re perfecting their cartwheel, splashing into the pool, or simply enjoying the sunshine with friends, Aviator Sports Summer Day Camp is where memories are made and adventures begin.

Aviator Sports
3159 Flatbush Ave.
Brooklyn NY, 11234

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