Adirondack Camp Creative Arts Camp Program

Adirondack Camp Creative Arts Camp Program

Our sleepaway camp program is a fully immersive traditional experience in a thoughtfully designed kid-centric world where everything is orchestrated by a team of educators and youth development professionals who want to bring out and develop the whole young person.

We are a traditional summer camp for kids. Historically, unapologetically, purposefully, and proudly, we have no central air, no concrete swimming pool, no TV or cell phone reception, no vending machines, no electricity in the cabins, no urban center, and no paved road! Our intention is for your children to slow down, to notice the wonder of the world and not be distracted by the many technological advancements on which we’ve become so dependent. This is what makes our summer camp unique.

Adirondack Camp Creative Arts Camp Program

Creative expression is the cornerstone of our traditional creative arts camp program at Adirondack. With so many disciplines to choose from, campers can express themselves through a new-found skill or a favorite passion. Campers can concentrate on the fine arts of painting, drawing, and sculpting, or learn a new technique through hands-on instruction in any of our extensive offerings in Crafts, Decorative Arts, and Fire Arts.

Many of our projects are inspired by the beauty that surrounds us. It is common to see a painting class working on the shores of beautiful Lake George or a group collecting items from the woods to use in a weaving. Adirondack’s art program for kids and resident artists will help you bring out your design, improve your skills, and, most importantly, dig deep to connect with the artist within you.


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