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Tip-Top Brain believe that every student has the natural ability to learn if given the opportunity to receive a quality education. With a safe, supportive, and nurturing classroom environment and upbeat, intelligent, and compassionate instructors to guide students throughout their educational journeys, they believe that all students can discover and unlock their fullest potential. Tip-Top Brain deliver a variety of programs as diverse as the community they serve, there’s a perfect fit for every student.

Throughout the academic year, they offer three distinct programs:

1. Personalized Tutoring
A personalized tutoring program designed to closely mirror NYS curriculum and grade-level learning objectives. Upon enrollment, they’ll schedule a state-of-the-art diagnostic exam to assess your child’s current math and ELA skillsets with respect to their grade level. This exam allows them to make months’ worth of lessons plans tailored to your child specifically. They understand that your child’s strengths and weaknesses are unique, which is why they’ve seen such amazing results using this personalized approach to tutoring.

2. Private Tutoring
Tip-Top Brain’s private tutoring is the crème-de-la-crème of supplemental academic instruction. This highly individualized tutoring option sees the most dramatic academic growth and learning outcomes. These one-on-one sessions with highly-qualified tutors make a big difference and it shows: in students’ attitudes towards class, grades, and confidence.

3. Test Prep
Exams count a lot these days, whether they be run-of-the-mill state tests, the SHSAT and SAT for high school and college admissions respectively, or AP exams for college credits. Whatever your child’s motivation for knocking their upcoming test out of the park, Tip-Top Brain’s expert instructors will get them there! Having scored impressively themselves, and with years of test prep tutoring experience, tutors will equip your child with both the knowledge and strategy required to get tip-top scores!

K-2nd Grade Programs
1-on-1 Personalized Tutoring for All Subjects 3rd-8th Grade Programs

1-on-1 Private Tutoring for All Subjects
Personalized Group Tutoring for Math & ELA
Test Prep Tutoring (e.g., SHSAT, SAT)

9th-12th Grade Programs
1-on-1 Private Tutoring for All Subjects
Test Prep Tutoring (e.g., SHSAT, SAT)

The Brains Behind Tip-Top Brain Founder:
Ourania Liandrakis founded Tip-Top Brain, a top-notch learning center in Queens, NY, back in September of 2015. Since then, Ourania Liandrakis has worked tirelessly as center director and instructor, teaching and mentoring local students to thrive in primary school, college, and beyond. Prior to Tip-Top, Ourania earned an M.S. in Education from Teachers College at Columbia University, and worked with students of nearly every possible scholastic background. Liandrakis’ background has equipped her with the know-how to recruit top-notch instructors, who care as deeply about their students’ success as they do teaching.

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Tip-Top Brain
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