York Prep

At York Prep, we offer individualized education to help every student explore their unique potential. We call this concept “Your York.”
Exploring Your Child’s Potential with Individualized Education
Your York means that every class you take is adjusted to the level that will both challenge you and allow you to succeed. If that means creating a one-student class to teach math three years above grade-level standards, we will create that class.
Your York means that if a student is struggling or requires advanced placement in more than one subject, the teachers have already met and are collaborating on how to get that student reach to his or her full potential.
Your York means that if a student has a passion (whether it’s fencing, sports broadcasting, or robotics) and is willing to work at it, we will create opportunities for them to pursue their interest through individualized education. We will support them with the resources they need so that the only limit to what they can achieve will be their own drive and work ethic.
York Prep’s focus is YOU.
York Preparatory School
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