Getting The Work/Life Balance Right by Co-founder of Baby Loves Disco, Andy Blackman Hurwitz

Andy with his three boys

I can’t say that I am the best lawyer, or the best business man, but I can say that I am extremely skilled at dancing the balance of work and family.
Skilled because I am equipped to make this balancing act work – my wife and I decided way back when that we wanted to be there for our kids while they still wanted us to be there.  We didn’t want to go the “day-care” route, wanted to (needed to!)  be there for every moment, be there when they come leave for school, when they come home at the end of the day.  So we made some “life” decisions to help us achieve these goals. and while we still struggle financially (who doesn’t?) because of some of the decisions we made, we wouldn’t change a thing.
So, the balancing act is really by design. you can’t just be like “okay, let’s lead a balanced life now” – you have to plan it, and then execute on that plan.
I practice the balance on a few key levels:
1. Take advantage of “free” time – this means doing work when the kids sleep. I get up early and get in a few hours before they wake; same thing at night after they fall asleep.
2. Be in the moment when you have the small moments – it’s not about the big ticket items, life is all in the little moments.  I’m the one that gets the kids up in the morning while my wife gets breakfast (and lunches) together. I get to crawl in each boys bed and welcome to the world; we all eat together as a family and then I get to take them to the bus-stop with my “baby” (julius – 4) on my back, waving good-bye each day.  Those are some killer moments that get me through the day.
3. A key part of the balance is making sure to give me some “me” time. I am a bikram yoga junkie – and any day i can grab the matt and sweat is a good day for me. I also practice mindfulness mediation and taking some time at the beginning and end of the day – always makes me a better me, a better dad, and more balanced.
We started Baby Loves Disco way back when we lived in Brooklyn.  Back then it was just something fun for the family to do, now it’s become, literally what our family does!  We take “family and work” to the next level with our “Baby Loves Disco” events – we’ve been doing this for so long, our kids were raised on it and now we all enjoy working together – my oldest son Samson is now one of our DJ’s – he and I are wrapping up a 10 day tour right now, driving in the van…..; my wife does all of our books, my middle son is a dancer and our baby, Julius, thinks he owns the night clubs – he runs the place.
Written by Andy Blackman Hurwitz.  Co-founder of Baby Loves Disco, Dad, High School and College Professor and Attorney.

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