The Paper Bag Players: Saddles & Sunshine

Paper Bag Players The Jewish MuseumThe Paper Bag Players returns to The Jewish Museum in Saddles and Sunshine, a new theater production for families on Sunday, March 10 at 2 pm. From cowboys and cowgirls greeting the audience with a loud “Howdy!” to a pie-eating contest and a day in the life of a bowling pin, Saddles and Sunshine will have children and adults alike laughing, clapping and singing along.

The show features new, original music in styles ranging from country, salsa and ragtime to hip hop, classical, disco, and even barber shop quartet. This program is recommended for children ages 4 and up.

Saddles and Sunshine was created and written by Ted Brackett (director), Laura Canty-Samuel, John Stone, Amy Walsh, Kevin Richard Woodall, with sets by Jon Peck and music composed by John Stone. Brackett explains, “we all work to create a theatrical world where our audience feels at home, understood. This year the show deals with making new friends, feeling out of step, learning how important it is to value yourself – issues very important to our audiences. Our approach to these subjects is very lighthearted. We really want the experience of seeing our theater to be a happy, fun experience. We leave it to our audience to find the meaning, make the connections to their life.”

Tickets for Saddles and Sunshine are $20 per adult; $15 per child; $17 adult Jewish Museum family level member; and $13 child Jewish Museum family level member.Adults are asked to accompany their children. For further information, the public may call 212.423.3337. Program tickets can be purchased online at

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