The Best Things To Do With Kids in NYC

American Museum of Natural HistoryThe Best Things To Do With Kids in NYC

We are often asked this question from our readers – if we are bringing our kids to NYC for the first time, what do you recommend as the best things to do to make their experience unforgettable?
Whilst there are just so many things to choose from, if you are visiting the city for the first time, and you are only spending a few days here, you have got to choose well, right?
Here are our top ten suggestions to keep your little new-to-new-yorker’s loving their time here.
1. Top of the Rock Observation Deck. Whilst there is no doubt that you get an amazing view of the city from the Empire State Building, we would always opt for the Top of the Rock Observation Deck, solely for the experience of heading to the top in the glass roofed lift! That in itself feels like a fair ride.
Once at the top, the view is breathtaking, and the photo opportunities are outstanding. It really is a great way to find your bearings, and is equally stunning both during the day, or at night time.
2. American Museum of Natural History. You could easily spend a few days going round the American Museum of Natural History, and it really is a go to place for us (especially if the weather is not playing ball).
If your kids are fans of Night at the Museum, then you have scored here – there is even a special tour that you can take! There are five exhibit floors to be discovered, but we would suggest that you map out your visit before you go as little ones can get a bit tired walking round a museum all day. Pick things to see that you know your kids will love – like the dinosaurs, or the big blue whale!
3. The High Line. Whilst this is not specifically a kids attraction, it is a great little oasis from the city to go to. Enjoy this unusual park, bring a picnic, and take a breather from what will be a busy visit to NYC. There are often things on for kids to take part in, but you will need to check their calendar first to see what’s on.
4. Coney Island. With so much to do on Coney Island, you could easily spend a lot of time there. The New York Aquarium is located there and is a fantastic place to take your kids. We especially love the sea lion shows in their aquatheater. Also on Coney Island, you will find Luna Park, which is an amusement park. If you have a little thrill-seeker, then they will love it there.
5. Bronx Zoo. This would be our go to zoo for our kids. The size of it, the number of different species of animals, and the amazing exhibits all contribute to our love of this place. It is “pay as you wish” on a Wednesday, which gives you the opportunity to offer an alternative donation for your visit.
6. Children’s Museum of Manhattan. For more than 30 years, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM) has been an exciting destination for play, fun and learning-by-doing. Through theme-based exhibits, hands-on activities, interactive programs and larger-than-life environments, CMOM helps young visitors discover new ideas and stretch their imaginations. Enjoy some indoor time here, your kids will thank you for their visit.
7. Times Square. If it is your first time in NYC, you will definitely want to visit Times Square. The hustle and bustle, the bright lights and the vibrancy of this area is something you need to see first hand. Even if you recoil from typical “tourist” destinations, you need to experience this at least once! The attraction for many kids heading to Times Square, is Toys R Us. This store is massive, housing a a ferris wheel, a 20-foot animatronic T-Rex dinosaur and a life-size Barbie® dollhouse. A great stop off for kids, and kids at heart.
8. Wave Hill. This is a calm, tranquil place within the city limits. Have some time away from the madness, and enjoy what Wave Hill has to offer – 28 acres of public gardens! If you visit on the weekend, they always have a family art project taking place from 10am, and on a Saturday before noon, entry is free.
9. Staten Island Ferry. This is a great way to get a closer look at Lady Liberty, and also get views of Governors Island to the east and Ellis Island to the west, as well as the stunning Manhattan skyline. The ferry is great fun for the kids, and best of all for the adults, it’s free. Once you arrive at Staten Island, just can jump back on the return ferry and head back to Manhattan, seeing all of the sights again!
10. New York Hall of Science. Encourage your kids love of science with New York City’s only hands-on science center. In addition to over 450 permanent exhibits, NYSCI features a dynamic schedule of feature exhibitions, events, programs and workshops. You can also enjoy free general admission on Fridays, 2-5 pm and Sundays, 10-11 am.
The above list doesn’t even touch the sides of what fun you can have as a family in NYC. We haven’t mentioned Broadway Shows, baseball games, fun in Central Park (or any of the other amazing parks), and so much more. Come, enjoy, and treasure the memories!

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