Sour Grapes Productions Summer Program

If your child has caught the acting bug and has an ambitious outlook when it comes to their career in the theater world, then the Sour Grapes Summer Program is the perfect fit!
For this year’s challenge, campers will be putting together a fully staged show within the span of one week to perform on stage for family and friends (Annie, Jr. if camp enrollment reaches 15 or more; or, with fewer campers, a different, smaller cast show.)
Children and Teens, ages 12-17.  (If your young actor falls outside of this range, but you feel that they can handle the demands of an all-day rehearsal schedule, please feel free to contact us).
Camp runs Monday through Saturday, August 24th-29th, 2015 at Joria Productions, 410 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036.
9am to 6pm (with available 8:30 am drop-off).

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