Shipwrecked Announces New Escape Rooms

Shipwrecked Escape Deck NOW OPEN: Three Mini Escapes or One Epic Adventure for all ages!

Shipwrecked announces Shipwrecked Escape Deck, three mini escape room experiences from the company that opened with Shipwrecked Miniature Golf. Shipwrecked is located at 621 Court Street, 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11215. Shipwrecked offers miniature golf, arcade games, and a seasonal, weather-permitting Tiki Terrace, with food and drink available on-site, including beer, wine and cider.
The mini escapes are three individual 25-minute escape games: Haunted, Mission Reactor, and Temple Escape. Guests can experience all three for an Epic Adventure or choose an individual Mini Escape Adventure. Booking(s) are available online at or by calling our bookings department at 718-852-4653 x103. Children are welcome, with accompanying adults. Recommended for kids 8 and up.
You’ve happened across an old dilapidated house. It’s right out of a horror movie. Did something move in the upstairs window? Something is drawing you inside. Your better judgment tells you to keep walking and not look back, but your adventurous nature tells you to grab your friends and start exploring. You discover the home of a deceased widow. Today is anniversary of what should have been one of the most magnificent days of her life. Her wedding day. No one knows for sure how her suitor disappeared the night of her wedding, but they say she never again stepped outside of the home. Some say she can still be heard calling out his name and searching for a suitable replacement from her coffin. Now it’s up to you to get out before you are trapped and she makes you her next suitor. You have 25 minutes…GO!!! PG13 – recommended for 13+.
You just woke up in an escape pod from the International Space Station. The crew is missing, and the emergency beacons have been activated. Your mission is to navigate through this unfamiliar spacecraft, re-energize the three reactors and reignite the reactor core to make the return trip to your home planet. Put those rocket science degrees to good use and do it quick. The back-up battery cells only have 25 minutes of power left before rebooting the system will be impossible and then all hope of returning home will be lost. Appropriate for all ages.
Admit it, who hasn’t wanted to explore temple ruins and find artifacts made of gold? Now is your chance to be a true treasure hunter. But BEWARE!!! With great wealth comes great consequences. Make the wrong move and you may be trapped forever. Locate all the artifacts and solve the ancient puzzles to retrieve the golden skull and make your way to freedom, but do it quick, the 25-minute timer is ticking down fast! Appropriate for all ages.
Escape Deck bookings are 30 minutes per room, which includes the Escape Game and debriefing. Each room can hold up to five guests at a rate of $19 per person. Private games are available for less than five guests, with a full room booking. The suggested age is 13+. If any member of a party is under the age of 13, the room must be purchased as a private game, as a courtesy to other customers. There must be one participating adult (age 21+) for every two children under the age of 13. Guests should arrive 20 minutes prior to their scheduled time slot. Guests may experience darkness, special effects, fog effects, theatrical lighting, confined spaces, and haunted house type environments.
For more information, please visit
621 Court Street
NY 11215

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