Shadow Box Theatre: Musical Puppet Repertory Theatre for Children

Shadow Box Theatre NYC Halloween
Once upon a time, way back in the idealistic 1960’s, a children’s musical puppet theatre was born. It was the brainchild of an extraordinary woman, Sandra Robbins, who dreamed of using light, color and sound to profoundly touch the creative spirit within each child. Her dream was realized in the creation of The Shadow Box Theatre (SBT).  
The Shadow Box Theatre is now, 47 years later, an award winning, professional musical puppet repertory theatre for children, with a comprehensive arts-in-education component. It is a multi-ethnic company performing for a multi-ethnic, inner-city audience.
SBT’s original, interactive musicals utilize storytelling, shadow and three-dimensional puppetry, as well as live actor/singers, dancers and musicians. SBT’s mission since its inception has been to engage New York’s inner-city children through the transformative power of theatre to promote social and personal development, creativity and learning through the arts; to teach tolerance and respect for diversity; to develop environmental awareness in children; and to provide children with a positive view of themselves, their world and their future.
The current season kicks off Oct 16th with The Lumpy Bumpy Pumpkin which will run through Oct 31st. This original tale, much like the ugly duckling, is about someone different who finds acceptance. With comedy, compassion, and plenty of pumpkins, this Halloween story has everyone singing along and rooting for Lumpy Bumpy Pumpkin. Along with Lumpy Bumpy, we learn that everyone has a special talent – you just have to find it! The spirit and energy of our storyteller and guitarist help bring Farmer Joe’s pumpkin patch to life.
The delightful storybook serves as a beautiful compliment to this show and is a wonderful tool that is sure to inspire reading and literacy, promote creativity and a love of theatre!
For the performance calendar and other information about our upcoming Weekend Performances please see our website or call 212.724.0677

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