Red Carpet Kids: Give Your Child A Party To Remember

Red Carpet Kids NYC Party
Founded in 2012, Red carpet Kids is sure to give your little VIP a birthday to remember. Treat your little budding star to a party where your child and their guests get the opportunity to get styled, walk the red carpet, star in their own film and attend their personal Hollywood premiere, all set in a townhouse which has been transformed into the ultimate event space.
From the moment they step onto the Red Carpet they will be treated like Hollywood royalty, a personal butler will whisk them away from the flashbulbs of the paparazzi and guide them to the press area for TV interviews. Then it’s off to wardrobe to be outfitted for their starring role, and off to the movie set where the kids will be filmed and their Oscar-worthy moments will be captured on tape.
Whilst the children are enjoying something to eat and blowing out the birthday candles, the technical crew at Red Carpet Kids edit their performances ready for them to watch themselves in the biggest blockbuster to emerge in years!
This certainly makes for a party that your child and their friends will be chatting about for a while to come – star treatment for your little star! Just watch out though, as they may expect this type of special VIP treatment all the time now!
Red Carpet Kids NYC Party

Red Carpet Kids
231 East 62nd Street
New York, NY 10065

(646) 678-4563


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