The public pools are re-opening for the summer

It’s almost outdoor pool season, and we are delighted that it has been extended by an additional week this year! The pools officially open on June 29. All intermediate- and Olympic-sized pools will remain open through Sunday, September 10, 2017. Mini pools will close on Labor Day.
Pool opening hours are 11am – 7pm (with a break for pool cleaning between 3pm-4pm).
Pool Rules:-

  • Remember to bring a swimsuit – you will not be permitted without
  • Babies or toddlers can put on swim diapers before they head into the water
  • Don’t wear shirts with colors on them on the deck
  • Bring a stroller at your own risk – there is no guarantee of a place to park it
  • Keep your valuables safe and bring a sturdy lock – no luggage locks accepted
  • Don’t bring food, glass bottles, electronic devices, or newspapers

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