Mid-Autumn Moon Family Festival at MOCA

Mooncakes, lanterns, and the Jade Rabbit on the moon! Explore the customs and traditions behind this harvest festival with a mooncake tasting, arts and crafts, stellar story time, and more family fun!
Tickets: $10 per person. $8 for all MOCA Dual and Individual Level Members. Free for MOCA Family Level Members and above, children under 2, and Cool Culture families. Click here to purchase tickets!
Drop-In Arts and Crafts, 12-4pm 手工及艺术活动
Cosmic Kaleidoscopes
Build your own eye-catching kaleidoscope! Fill a cardboard tube with sparkling beads and sequins. Then add a special reflective surface. Hold your kaleidoscope to the light to see colorful patterns dancing before your eyes!
Mooncake Messages
Mooncakes are delicious… and revolutionary! During the Yuan Dynasty, they were used to pass secret messages, which helped overthrow the Mongolian empire in China. Construct your very own mooncake decoder and use it to reveal secret messages and riddles.
Shadow Stories 
Using colorful vellum, construct and decorate shadow puppets of Moon Goddess Chang-Er, archer Hou Yi, or the Jade Rabbit featuring movable arms and legs . When you finish your creations, head to MOCA’s shadow puppet theater to stage an original performance!
Make a Mooncake Print!
Design your own mesmerizing mooncake pattern out of foam shapes. Create dazzling artwork and personalized greeting cards by printing your design in your favorite bright colors!
Making (Make-Believe) Mooncakes
Peek inside a mooncake, and learn about the ingredients and tools used to make it. Then, mold your own play dough mooncake using a real mooncake press.
Performances and More! 表演与其他
Chinese Theatre Works Presents: Chang-Er Flies to the Moon**
This original shadow play tells the story of Moon Goddess Chang-Er and her husband, the archer Hou Yi. Through enchanting shadow puppetry and engaging storytelling, watch this legend come to life before your eyes.
This program of Chinese Theatre Works is partially founded by New York State Council on the Arts and Department of Cultural Affairs.
Go Mooncakes for MOCA!
Explore the meaning behind mooncakes and learn how these sweet and savory treats are made! Taste a variety of traditional mooncakes, courtesy of Fay Da Bakery. Don’t forget to take a mooncake recipe to try at home!
Calligraphy Corner
Join expert calligrapher I-Hsuan Chao as she demonstrates this traditional art form by painting festive messages on traditional rice paper. Learn simple brushstroke techniques and how to write the Chinese character for moon 月.
Harvest Moon Picnic
Gather around the picnic table for a make-believe harvest moon picnic at MOCA! Learn about the foods that families share as they admire the moon and give thanks for the year’s harvest. Sketch your own moon-shaped food to add to the picnic.
Legends Storytime
Did you know that a goddess, rabbit, and woodcutter all live on the moon? Discover how they got there and more, as you listen to retellings of classic Mid-Autumn myths.
Round is a Moon Gallery Hunt 
Join a MOCA educator in following clues high and low to spot twinkling full moons and shimmering stars around the gallery. Will you find them all?
Out of this World Face Painting
Celebrate in style by having a brilliant moon, planet, or constellation painted on your face or hand.
**Limited capacity, additional tickets required.
Event Details
September 22 – 12:00 – 16:00
$10 per person
Museum of Chinese in America
215 Centre Street
New York
NY 10013
Click HERE for more info.

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