The Loog Guitar – As Easy As 1-2-3

With its 3 strings, The Loog Guitar makes it easy for anyone to play guitar. Kids find themselves exploring the instrument and quickly learn where to place their fingers to create sounds they like.
It is a stimulating experience where kids have fun and learn to make music right from the start. And because The Loog Guitar comes with nylon strings, not only it is easy for kids to play, it is also easy on their hands. See it in action!
The Loog Guitar is not only fun and easy, it is also convenient. You can start with the short-scale model, recommended for kids ages 6 to 9, and when the little player is not that little any more, you can replace just the neck of the guitar without the need to buy a whole new instrument. Just replace the old short-scale neck for the new long-scale neck and you are ready to go.
The Loog Guitar is fully customizable. Choose among several models, shapes and accessories to give it color and new life. All parts are easily swappable and interchangeable. Pick yours now!
Entirely made of sustainable wood, the Loog Guitar was designed and manufactured with a child’s needs, comfort and safety in mind.
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