Kid’s Night Out, Parent’s Night Off: Childcare Tailored To Your Child's Needs

Kids Night Out Parents Night Off NYC Childcare
Kid’s Night Out, Parent’s Night Off is a childcare company for kids from birth to the age of 10, providing educational and interactive childcare along with classes to encourage parents through some of the more challenging aspects of parenting. Their services are based on an educator’s 14-year training module, which they use to assist and empower parents with children.
The services provided cover dealing with separation anxiety with your young child, new parent workshops, potty camp (helping make toilet training fun and encouraging), positive discipline camp, parent buddy childcare (when a parent needs to run an errand and doing so without their child is the better option), holiday camps, event/party buddy childcare (when it is not appropriate to attend a certain event with your child), an individual curriculum tailored to each child’s needs and a childcare everywhere service where they will travel to wherever you are (this is in the form of educational child sitting, complete with age-appropriate materials).
Founder Jessica Howard says: “Kid’s Night Out, Parent’s Night Off aims to provide a service that is appropriate for what your child’s or your own needs are at that time in your lives. A reliable service where you know that not only is your child being cared for in the best way, they are also enjoying some educational fun!”
For further information please check out their website –
Laurie Mackie- Founding Director of New York Loves Kids

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