Interschool’s Language Immersion Program

Send your Middle School-aged children on a linguistic and cultural adventure with Interschool’s Language Immersion Program! From June 17-28, your children can practice their French, Spanish, or Mandarin language skills in an all-immersion, activities-based, exciting program this June! Our faculty of seasoned teachers will introduce students to music, art, dance, sports, cooking, and more, all in their target language! Students will visit different parts of New York City and practice their language skills with native speakers! 

Our days begin at 9am at the Spence School, where students are greeted in their language by counselors. From 9am until 3pm, students are exposed to the language in multiple ways—via music, skits, listening and hands-on activities. Our multi-sensory pedagogical approach targets all kinds of learners.

Students leave our program with new confidence in their language skills and a desire to learn more about the world. If your child wants to deepen their knowledge about other cultures around the world and in New York, they will love our program. 

Please visit our website at for more information and how to apply.

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