GPS Tracking for Kids & Pets by Trax

At Trax we know that there are a lot of GPS trackers out there, offering various functions, benefits and all varying in price and coverage… In short, it could be a bit confusing.
We think that GPS tracking is really helpful in so many situations so thought we’d compile a quick twelve-point list of things to consider and look out for when you’re exploring the options. A perspective from our position as a company that actually develops a GPS tracking solution.
Ability to define safe areas
Geofencing, Digital Fences, Target Areas, Safe Zones or Hot Spots are new terms for one of the key functions of personal GPS tracking. This feature gives you the ability to define specific areas that play a part in a child’s daily life and that need monitoring – around a school or playground for example. These zones provide the basis for monitoring the whereabouts of your child or pet. A good tracker should have no limits to the number of zones the user can set nor charge for them.
Notifications is the base for keeping an eye on your loved ones with GPS tracking. A tracking solution should be able to send notifications when a tracker enters or leaves a specific area. Ideally, notifications should use your smartphone’s own push notification system, making them easy to see and react to.
Real-time tracking in case of emergency
GPS positioning should be in real-time if possible, updated all the time to show a tracker’s position without having to send an SMS to get a response or having to wait for a device to wake up and update its position. The time spent, waiting for a device to respond can in case of emergency could be crucial.
Costs & Roaming fees
Personal GPS tracking does carry costs. The tracking unit is one cost but you also need to consider roaming/traffic costs. Some options have a free period of roaming, others varying monthly costs and some only work in specific countries or areas. Check the small print to avoid being stung with huge hidden charges and make sure it will work if you’re heading abroad.
Indoor tracking
It is important that a tracker has the ability to send its position when it is inside a building. If for instance a wandering child enters a shopping mall or simply goes to the best friend’s house. Most GPS trackers stop working when they are indoors. There is no GPS on the market today that is able to keep its satellite connections from inside a building but there are some with advanced indoor tracking alternatives. Some trackers have however developed advanced motion positioning using sensors instead of GPS, which can still be very accurate indoors.
Free app/ user interface
If you have invested in a tracker it is almost an offence if you have to pay for the app that makes it work. As we said previously, avoid solutions which carry hidden costs like only giving five free geofences or costing more for sharing trackers.
Trax is the world’s smallest, smartest real-time GPS tracker for kids and pets. A Swedish concept, it’s a powerful combination of tiny tracker (smaller than a matchbox and 25g) plus free intuitive App. Trax has real-time tracking (that works indoors as well as out), tracker sharing, unlimited geofences, augmented reality, speed/ zone/ battery status/ drop detection alerts, and free roaming for two years in 33 countries including the US and Canada.

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