NYSoM HolidayMania 2022



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Dec 17 2022


2:00 pm - 6:00 pm



NYSoM HolidayMania 2022

HolidayMania 2022 will be a holiday extravaganza that features:

NYSoM Gift Giveaway
FIRST COME FIRST SERVE Gift Giveaway. No reservations for the gift giveaway. While gifts last.

Hanukkah Town
Upon entry to HolidayMania, hang out with the Dreidelator and all members of Hanukkah Town. Play Hanukkah jeopardy and enjoy Hanukkah activities and games.

New Year’s 2023 Jam
Party with Lady New Year’s, sing karaoke and get an early start to the 2020 celebrations!

Kwanzaa Village
Visit Kwanzaa Village to see Papa Kwanzaa, spin the Wheel of Kwanzaa, and enjoy Kwanzaa activities and games.

Winter Wonderland
Head upstairs where Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and more of your North Pole favorites will be spreading Christmas cheer!

NYSoM Gift Giveaway Guidelines: Gifts will be given First Come First Served. Please see below for guidelines for how gifts will be distributed:-

One Adult and /or One Adult with One Child will receive One Gift
One Adult and Two Children will receive Two Gifts
One Adult and Three or More Children will receive Three Gifts
Gifts are limited , so we will not be giving more than Three Gifts per family. All Gifts are First Come First Served!

Meet Santa from 3-6pm!

All this and more for free admission on Sat Dec 17 at East Harlem Tutorial Program @ 2050 2nd Avenue New York, NY 10029. All are welcome!

East Harlem Tutorial Program
2050 2nd Avenue New York, NY 10029

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